Friday, January 29, 2010

Hej Hej!!! TGIF!
I can not believe how stinkin happy I am it's Friday. I am so exhausted. This morning I did NOT want to get out of all! Like I legit waited till the last second then peeled myself from my warm soft comfortable bed. But whatever, I got lot's of stuff to do today. I might take a nap when I get back from class though. Right, now I am sitting in starbucks and drinking a red eye(no add-ins) and I hate on of those like dried fruit and nut things. I didn't eat the whole thing, just a little something to keep me going. I love red eyes. I love espresso. Not just how it perks me up, but I love the taste, I love the bitterness. Sorry random. Last night was a bit of a rough one for me because my lovely roomie, who I love to death, was really annoying me. Normally nothing she does can get on my nerves, but last night, IDK she was just really obnoxious. She just kept going on and on about her bf and when she is on the phone with him she is all cutiesy and flirty and baby talks. It drives me nuts!!!!! Well normally it doesn't, but last night it did. I really just think it's because I am jealous and because the hockey player did not text me at all. Which really he doesn't have to, we aren't dating, we are just friends, barely friends even. One thing that I actually really like about myself is I am really good at stepping back and asking myself why I am feeling a certain way and if it is a rational feeling and I am really honest with myself. I don't lie to myself. I think that keeps me from being all caddy and full of drama. I hate girls that are constantly like "woah is me, my life is awful" or they are really good one second and then angry or sad the next. It's like TAKE CONTROL OF YOURSELF! People seem to think that they are prisoners to their emotions, but it's all about choice. And normally it's those people that have actually never gone through something to really be sad about that are being all stupid. It's the people who have gone through stuff in their lives to appreciate the fact that this is just one day, tomorrow will be a new day, no point sweating the small stuff. I have one friend that's life is never good enough and she is never happy. I just want to shake her sometimes and be like "you're life is not bad! you have it really good actually! stop moping and get your s*** together. You make me not want to be friends you with all your stupid sulking for no reason". She is a drama queen through and through. What's worse is she thinks she is like old for her age and that she is super mature but...haha negative!!!!!! She is the complete opposite. She needs to be back in high school where you learn normal social skills and were you learn how to control yourself. She drives me bananas. But whatever! She is not me. She can do whatever she wants to do or act however she wants to. It just gets frustrating sometimes. In her defense, she is a very caring person and super funny. She just hasn't had that "ah ha!" moment yet. She really is a good person and very pretty. I guess it just takes some people a little longer to figure how how to keep the smile on and not let little things get to them.
On another note, I am looking around the union and I realized that I love it here. Everything is gorgeous and old and historical. It's like I am sitting in a castle having coffee. This is exactly how I wanted my college experience to be. Now if I could just lose the weight, it would be ever more perfect! ha-ha. But no seriously, my life is over all really good, a few puckers in my seam, but over all good. I like to focus on the positive, not the negative. I have done so much growing up in the last year and I am just a straight up better person because of it. I am now so much more positive, I don't judge people, I don't want to change people, I look at people's differences and I love them more for it. I have always been a nice person, but now I am a really nice person and I like myself better for it. I am the kind of person I would want to be friends with and that's all I can really ask for. I put other people first, but I don't mind because I will find someone that puts me first eventually. People trust and love me and love me for who I am and not who I am trying to be and that makes me really really happy.
Weight loss wise, like I said yesterday, today is kind of like re-do day one. So I am just going to take it one day at a time and keep my head up and think positively and oh and laugh. I love to laugh. I find EVERYTHING hilarious. I can find humor in any and every situation. I look for it so I can laugh. People, honesty, laughing, the ocean, stars and the moon are my favorite things in the whole UNIVERSE. Oh this red eye is slowly starting to wake me up, I can feel it! I feel so much more awake which is really good because I will be going to Math soon and...I am gonna need all the caffeine I can get!!!! Omgsh I am so happy it's Friday!

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