Monday, January 25, 2010

Ok so this weekend was pretty good like eating and working out wise. I didn't get to work out as much as I wanted to because I had SOOO much homework, but oh well. I now have a new plan. Eat 800 calories a day (super easy for me) and work off 900 twice a day. I know I know this is super extreme, but I will honestly stop after spring break. Well not stop stop, I will work out once a day and burn 600 calories a session and eat 1200 calories a day. I am also going to start a weight training class every morning at 8am four days a week, so I will be toning up! I am also taking a fitness and jogging class which meets like 3 times a week or something, but that should be good as well. That's why I don't think I will have to work off more then 600 a day because I will be taking so many work out classes. Probably on the weekend I will increase it a little. Right now I am all about just losing the weight. Once I lose the weight I am going to focus on becoming super toned and eating really healthfully. And of course keeping the weight off! I just want to be skinny. I want to be able to wear anything I want and look amazing. I will never get a bf if I look the way I do. Never. TIME TO CHANGE!!!!!!

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