Monday, February 15, 2010

Alright's now or never.

Hello kids,
How's it going? So this weekend...sucked. Like MAJOR SUCKAGE. Ok first of all my Mom made me eat EVERYTHING in sight. So I probably gained so much weight this weekend. : ( Ok bad part number dos. I went to a party Saturday night. Got drunk. The hockey guy texted me, long story short I spilled my guts to him about how I still have feelings for him and he never responded. I woke up the next morning not really remembering it and then going back and reading the texts and started balling. I just want to like...die or something. Ok silver lining, if there is one, is that now I am trying so hard to not to feel anything and not to get emotional that I am putting all my energy into school and weight loss. I am now back on the 300 a day diet and burning 2100 calories a day. That will get me down 30 (hopefully) by spring break and then that hockey guy will see me and boy will he be sorry! He liked me when I was heavier, so I wonder what he will think then! My new best friend from now on is caffeine. like BFFL haha. Keeps my hunger away AND keeps me going. DOUBLE BONUS!!!!! Anyway. I hope you all stay strong and stay focused! I am sending you all positive energy! OMG this is a sign from the universe! Just as I was typing this over weight girl sat at a table next to mine with BURGER KING!!! I am sitting here drinking espresso. IT'S A SIGN!!!!!!!! The universe it telling me to stay strong and even giving me an example of why I should stay strong. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!!! How awesome is that? Gotta love it!

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