Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok new month, new me.

It's February 1st! I can't even believe it. I only have like a month and a half to lose at least 30 pounds. But I think I can do it. I haven't weighed myself at all this entire time I have been back, but I am guessing I have lost at least five pounds. That would be my guess. But anyway, I feel strong and in control, a feeling that I have been desperately needing this weekend. My life is a shit show right now. Well the parts I can't control. My dad is a pathetic loser and I can't keep letting it affect me like it does. I love having control over what I put in my mouth and my school work and most of my life because it makes up for the lack of control in my family life. I can't work out today because I just have WAY too much to do. Like legit. I have been doing homework all day and tonight at 8p.m. I have to go to this review session thing like a mile off campus, should be super fun walking to that...haha! No it will be fine, nbd, plus it's an extra chance to get some walking in. I walk EVERY where on this huge campus, but it's always good to get some extra. I am so nervous for this huge finite exam though! I hope I do well : / blehhhh. I have eaten really good today, total today should be 380, maybe a little under : ) thats good especially cuz I am not working out. Green tea and coffee(strong) are my bbfls! haha!! No but like for realsies. Oh and these halls defense things!! They are like basically pure sugar (3grams each!), taste good, really sweet, and only 15 cals! Whenever I feel a bit weak or I have a bad craving, pop one of those suckers in my mouth and I am good, plus 100% of daily vitamin C in each, woo! So basically a win-win. I am no longer letting food control my life. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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