Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry y'all! I didn't have time yesterday to write another blog for the day. I ended up not eating anything else and working off 2100 calories! Good day! Today all of my classes were cancelled, good thing too because I am starting to get sick. I am feeling kind of nauseous, which I hate feeling. I hate puking, part of the reason I am ANA and not MIA. My new plan (I don't remember if I told you all or not) is to eat 300 cals a day and work off 2100 cals a day. That's a pound a day, legit. Well that plus what my body naturally burns is a pound a day. I still need to work out today. I have been like sleeping all day today instead. Not good, but if I start working out at like...4, I should be done by 10. WOO. haha my life is so crazy right now! I can't even stand it! Oh well. I am just focusing on weight loss and school. That's it!

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