Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday mornin' blues.

Hey skinny minis!
So it's Monday morning : ( what a suckarooski day! I hate Mondays! But I just woke up and I have done my ab work out, lunges, and squats. I will eventually make my way down stairs to do my "4-300" calorie work out. I call it my 4-300 work out because I burn 300 on elliptical, 300 on sitting elliptical, 300 on bike, and 300 on treadmill. Then much later today I will go back down stairs and walk for 2 hours on the treadmill. In between work out sessions I am going to get my homework done. I haven't eaten yet today but I feel fine. I am officially trying to get over the hockey player for good. Cuz here is the's not fair for me and it's an unrealistic fantasy. He lives 4 and a half hours away. He likes another girl. If it's meant to be then it will happen when I come home for the summer. If not then that's fine, but I need to focus on myself, my weight loss, and my school work. Yeah ok so he is perfect and wonderful and attractive and all that good stuff's just not worth my worrying, especially because I can't really do anything where I am right now. So I am lowering my calorie intake by 100. I can only eat 300 a day. Which might just be one meal, but whatever. I have a question, I think I read somewhere that after a few days your appetite goes away. Is that true? God I hope so! Am I crazy for doing this? I need support!!!! I have no one to turn to. No one understands. : (


  1. It is kinda true, not eating much gets easier after the first couple days. But those first couple can be really tough, good luck!

  2. I find that I do stop feeling hungry after a few days. It's like your body goes through a withdrawal that's really bad, but the gives up. Poof gone. I do find I "crave" more foods more often then, but since you don't feel hungry it's easier to say no! =)